iTunes 7?!

Let me cut to the chase; iTunes 7 should be rammed right up Steve Jobs’ backside… bang!

I’ve written on my opinion of the iPod and Apple’s approach to software before but really, this thing is the biggest pile of crap since Vista.

Apart from all the other problems that people have been having, like, oh, I don’t know, destroying people’s iPods, when I have iTunes installed, Nero 7 won’t work. Granted, it could be Ahead Software’s problem but somehow I doubt it. While quality is a continuum, and as such all software has quality, iTunes is so poor I’d have to say the reason Apple software doesn’t have release notes is because the developers have all knocked themselves out cold from all the banging of their heads into their keyboards which took place during their, for want of a better word, ‘development’ of the software.

That, or the release notes would just say something along the lines of ‘duh… we am rite suftwere, it go bang.’ Which is subsequently deleted by some poor long suffering Linux, or, yes, I’m going to say it, Windows user before being disgorged to the Apple fan boys (who, quite frankly, need to re-evaluate their decision-making paradigm) and those of us who appreciate the ubiquity of the iPod and are, to a greater or lesser degree, prepared to tolerate Apple’s peculiarities. My tolerance is waning.

Look at it this way; ‘Apple’s software is great; look at OSX oh sure, it’s actually a dumbed-down shell over the top of Unix but they make up for that by making really good hardware, well, except for the self-destructing laptops that overheat and have dodgy batteries and dodgy Wi-Fi (aerials don’t work well inside metal cases, who knew?), the self-destructing iPods whose batteries expire after a year or get killed by iTunes or scratch really easily or stop working if they’re knocked or have firmware which disables functionality. Oh, but wait, their machines are really great for media and stuff, well, if you overlook the small detail of Mac’s being basically PCs and so they’re all really good at media and stuff. Well, okay, but their customer support and respect for their customers is…. oh, forget it.’

So, to summarise and to render unnecessary any and all ‘yeah but…’ or ‘what about…’ questions: I will never buy a Mac[Insert ‘Cool’ Moniker Here] computer. The day a device emerges to rival* the iPod from a reputable company that respects its customers I’m there. If Apple went bang! tomorrow, it would cause me to raise a wry smile.


* Understand that ‘rival’ in this context includes but is not limited to having appropriate connectivity and accessories to replace the functionality provided by the iPod in the context of my use of the device.


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