Crazy Double-Click Problem

Following on from my last post about mouse transmitters and my Logitech MX1000, I found myself with the bizarre problem of having the mouse double-click every time I clicked! I tried resinstalling the software, resetting the configuration and was going to hack the mouse settings out of the registry but hadn’t gotten round to it when I spoke to my friend Owen who suggested it might be that both the receivers on my PC were picking-up the click and sending them one after the other, well, he was right! Crazy, eh? Props to Owen! His prize is in the email.

Here’s the answer from the Logitech knowledge base:

Question: ”When I move my cordless mouse, it moves the cursor on the system next to me. What should I do?”

Answer: ”This is called ”Cross talk” and is characterized by one cordless device controlling the cursor or keyboard input of another device connected to a different computer. To avoid possible interference, try to keep the distance between systems at least 10 feet. Also, moving the mouse closer or further away to the receiver can also improve transmission and performance. If the above fails, try pressing and holding the ”Connect” button on the receiver for 10 seconds. This will reset the receiver’s connection information and allow you to do a first time connection with the receiver and mouse or keyboard. After holding the Connect button for 10 seconds, then press the Connect/Channel button on the bottom of the mouse to synchronize it with the receiver. If you have a cordless keyboard instead of, or in addition to, a cordless mouse, press the ”Connect” button of the receiver again, then press the ”Connect/Channel” button on the Keyboard. Perform these same steps on any other Logitech cordless devices in the area that are experiencing cross talk. Another step that can be tried is to remove the batteries for 15 minutes. Then re-insert them and boot the computer up. It is important that during this time, you do not press the connect button on the receiver or keyboard of the other cordless desktop system.

5 thoughts on “Crazy Double-Click Problem

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  1. I unplugged one of them!
    Failing that, perhaps pairing the mouse with another transmitter to remove the current pairing.

  2. I had two adjacent receivers, one for the keyboard, and one for MX1000. I reset/reconnected both and it perfectly solved the problem.

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