My Playstation 3

Friday was the UK launch of the Playstation 3, an event I have been looking forward to for quite a long time. Unfortunately my enjoyment and participation in the event has been left a little flat because my PS3 was not delivered: The tracking information says that I signed for it, though it doesn’t actually have my signature, or any signature for that matter, but I think I can confidently say that if I had signed for it I would know.

A visit to the depot revealed that their tracking system doesn’t even show my PS3 as having been loaded onto the van for delivery, which I suppose exonerates me but also shows that the public and internal tracking systems are completely different.

The thing is, that when the problem was explained to the depot manager and he confirmed what the problem was, he didn’t seem even remotely surprised and said that the interview procedure would start Monday morning. It reminds me of a line from the film  Broken Arrow where someone says ‘I don’t know whether it’s worse that a nuclear warhead has gone missing, or that you already have a special name for when one does.’

On the up side, and I’ve been looking hard for an up side, I have my second (first!) SIXAXIS controller which is now charged-up and I have my blu-ray remote to be able to watch films more easily when my PS3 finally does arrive.

When all this is finally sorted out I plan to write a few articles on the PS3 to hopefully help out a few people who are having problems. Anything related to hi def is going to be out of my league for a while but it seems there are some common misconceptions surrounding the Playstation 3 and what it can, and can’t do. For example; the SIXAXIS controller is chargeable through a standard USB-A to mini-USB cable connected to a computers USB port. No expensive extra hardware needed. If you’ve got a Canon digital camera, a Logitech Harmony remote or a laptop hard drive caddy, chances are you already have the cable you need. A PSP sync and charge cable won’t work because even though it looks basically correct, the power is diverted to the dedicated, round, power connector on the lead and no power reaches the mini-USB connector.

Good luck to the PS3 foldathon today, I would join you if I could!

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