iPhone Redux

About a year ago I blogged on the subject of the iPhone, and at the time I opined that a Windows Mobile device in such a form factor would be ideal, well, since then such a phone has been released, the Samsung Omnia. I placed my order and impatiently waited for my opportunity to enjoy the device I had been waiting for for years. Imagine my surprise when some few days after it’s arrival I enountered an unexpected first; the first phone I’ve actually hated. I’ve disliked phones before, who hasn’t? But this was different, this phone seemed to be so willfully incompetent that it became a struggle to perform even the most basic of tasks.
I could rant for page upon page about the atrocious user interface, instability and performance, not to mention the Smurf filter on the video, but I won’t. I’ll simply finish with a question and answer:
Q: How bad is Winows Mobile?
A: This blog entry is has been typed on my iPhone.

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