Want to use your own email address with Yahoo! Mail? Here’s how

Okay, so you have a shiny new iPhone, you’ve got an email address (or addresses) that you’ve used for years, and you want to use (or continue to use) push email. The thing is, the iPhone only does push email via Exchange ActiveSync or Yahoo! mail, no IMAP IDLE. Exchange ActiveSync is fine, but it’s a sledgehammer to crack a nut, is relatively expensive if you want to hook it up to Outlook and you can only have one Exchange account. Yahoo! mail on the other hand is relatively cheap, has POP access to handle the Outlook connection and seems to be a proportional response to the problem at hand. The trouble is, Yahoo! mail won’t let you use your own email address. Or will it? Well, given the title of this post, I suppose the answer is obvious. I’ve searched for quite a while to get to the bottom of this problem and got precisely nowhere until I stumbled on Yahoo! Identities.

Okay, enough preamble, here’s what you do:

  1. Make sure your current email address is working and receiving mail.
  2. Sign-up for Yahoo! Mail (not sure if it has to be a Plus account) and create your @Yahoo.com email address (you won’t need it much).
  3. Go to this page and add an Identity which is your existing email address.
  4. Yahoo! will send an email to that address to verify it’s yours so check your mail and respond to the confirmation.
  5. Add your shiny new Yahoo! account to your iPhone using your current email address (not the Yahoo.com one).
  6. Set-up you current email address to forward email to your Yahoo! email address.
  7. Switch on push email in the iPhone settings.

That’s it, you’re done. Push email with whatever legitimate email address you like.


iPhone Redux

About a year ago I blogged on the subject of the iPhone, and at the time I opined that a Windows Mobile device in such a form factor would be ideal, well, since then such a phone has been released, the Samsung Omnia. I placed my order and impatiently waited for my opportunity to enjoy the device I had been waiting for for years. Imagine my surprise when some few days after it’s arrival I enountered an unexpected first; the first phone I’ve actually hated. I’ve disliked phones before, who hasn’t? But this was different, this phone seemed to be so willfully incompetent that it became a struggle to perform even the most basic of tasks.
I could rant for page upon page about the atrocious user interface, instability and performance, not to mention the Smurf filter on the video, but I won’t. I’ll simply finish with a question and answer:
Q: How bad is Winows Mobile?
A: This blog entry is has been typed on my iPhone.

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